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For Fans Sports Network: Nucks on Goal is proud to join For Hockey Fans

Today we are happy to announce that Nucks on Goal has joined For Hockey Fans, the first vertical launched by For Fans Sports Network, a media company created to provide fans with the content they want about their favorite teams and sports. We are so happy to be going on this journey together with some really amazing people we’ve worked with before, and are excited to be bringing you this news today.

We appreciate the support you showed our site when we had to find a new home, and the patience you have shown even more recently as we took steps to get ready for today before we could publicly say what it is that we were doing. The season will get underway in just a few short weeks, and we are excited for puck drop. As we go forward we will continue to look for ways to bring you the content you crave, and tell entertaining stories by people who are as passionate about the Canucks as you are.

With that said, we would greatly appreciate you visiting the network’s homepage and familiarizing yourself with the sites that will be covering hockey this year. Share this news with your friends, and let them know what we are doing if they aren’t already in the loop.

Here’s to an amazing 2023-24 hockey season and beyond, and thank you again for everything!